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Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ Inc utilises a payment page hosted by a certified PCI DSS compliant service provider. Cardholders are redirected to the payment page to enter their credit card details.

All transactions are billed in New Zealand dollars

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Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ Inc is a registered Incorporated Society dedicated to advocating for non-commercial recreation and conservation of the natural environments it takes place in.

Federated Mountain Clubs, Wellington.

The FMC Mountain and Forest Trust supports the FMC and promotes research, publications, films and the FMC Youth Scholarship scheme.  The Trust is a registered charity so you  will get a receipt you can use to claim a tax rebate.

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The FMC secure website offers payment by a direct secure link to your own bank account for immediate online payment (use account2account A2A option on the payment screen) or by credit card.

Independent payment means that you will make the payment via your own online banking to FMC account 02-0536-0102339-00. Put your name and "donation" in the details.